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We’ve partnered with Learning Resources Network (LERN) to provide you with the UGotClass series of online courses and certificates. Learn and collaborate with experts in their fields, right from your home or office! UGotClass instructors log in to the classroom regularly to chat with you in the discussion area, post audio-visual presentations, and provide you with helpful readings. With options for courses and certificate programs in categories such as Business Communication, Healthcare, Leadership, Marketing, and Courses for Parents and K-12 Teachers, we know there’s something for everyone. Find a program to fit your needs today!  

More Than 100 Online Course Topics and 30 Certificates Programs
(Click on the links below and look for the UGotClass logo)

courses start on the first Monday of the month, from February through November with most courses being offered four times a year. Each course runs for one month and takes an average of 16 hours to complete. There is usually a weekly self-quiz and a suggestion that you participate once per week in the online discussion.


It is easy to participate in your online course. After you register, you will be given a web address to go to get into your online classroom. You will create a password and use your email address and password to gain access.

Once inside the online classroom, here’s what you can expect.

The online classroom is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There are no live real-time requirements or meetings. You decide when you participate. For the best learning, participants should log into the course on 2-3 different days of the week.

For each Unit, you will:

  1. Read the print readings (about 20 pages a week)
  2. Listen to the audio presentation for the Unit and view the slides
  3. Take a self-quiz to see how much you have learned
  4. Engage in written online discussion with your instructor and other participants

The content (readings, audio lectures, slides) and self quizzes are accessible for the entire course, so you can work ahead, or go back and review again, at your convenience.