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Workspace Tutorial Page

Blue Ridge Community College takes your personal information seriously and to protect your information through electronic transfers, we are using a new program called Workspace. This allows you to send your files safely and securely back to BRCC with peace of mind.

The simplest way is click on the Workspace link above.
Click on Workspace link in email
Click on Download All or the Selected File you need. Select Download All button to select all files
Save the pdf files onto your computer.

Click on the caret on the right, and Select Open with System Viewer


Open the files in Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for free) or Adobe Acrobat Pro if you have that. 
(Do not open the pdfs in your Chrome browser.  This will not allow your information to be saved.)
Click on caret on right side and select open in system viewer
Fill the forms out completely. Currently you can just type your name in the Signature fields.  You are not required to sign the documents digitally or manually.  Open in Adobe Acrobat, fill out completely, click File tab at top of screen
Click File tab
Select Save As
Select Save As
Save the completed forms with your name in the file name to ensure the files are correctly placed when registered. Add your name to the file name to help in correct registration
Click on the green Reply button on the right-hand side of the Workspace screen. 

If you accidentally close that window, you can just reopen the email you received and click on the Workspace link again. 


On Workspace page click on green reply button
Write your message

Click on Browse Computer
Select File(s) you would like to attach to the message.

Click Send Message
Type your message, click on Browse Computer to upload all files you wish to attach and then Send message